Earn with Paid CMEfy Links

CMEfy allows you to charge your audience a one-time fee to view the CMEfy card (and any embedded content you may share) and perform a smart search for internet point-of-care activities.

Before creating a paid link, you'll need to connect a bank account or debit card where you can receive payouts from learner purchases:

  1. From the dashboard menu, select "Payouts" 
  2. Follow the  instructions to securely link your bank account 

CMEfy partners with Stripe for secure payments and financial services.

Now, you're ready to monetize your CMEfy links:

  1. In your dashboard, choose a CMEfy link you've already created.
  2. Click on the $ sign under "More Actions" 
  3. Select "Set Your Price"
  4. When setting a price for your CMEfy card, be sure to provide a whole number (no decimals or $ signs).
  5. When learners receive the CMEfy paid link, they will need to enter payment information to access your CMEfy card.

Note: CMEfy charges a 20% processing fee for each transaction.

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